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◆Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditonal massage is a full-body massage with using Shiatsu & Stretch. It can increase your flexibility and range of motion.
The massage can also relieve stress and improve overall health.

60min. 6,000 JPY (TAX is included)
90min. 9,000 JPY
120min. 12,000 JPY

◆Chi Nei Tsang = Abdominal DETOX Massage

Chi Nei Tsang works through the energy of the internal organs. It releases and clears blockages, toxins and negative emotions.

What is *TOXINS*

The food additives and preservatives, Fast foods Artificial flavor,
Frozen food, Air Pollution, Chemicals and etc…
Stress, Negative emotions, Lack of sleeping, Bad posture, Constipation, Indigestion…..

They become Blockages or Knots in your body and organs.
Your body, emotion and organs are closely connecting each other.

Take a deep breath when you feel pain during the massage and drink water after massage for helping to detox.

Let's purify your organs with Chi Nei Tsang!!!

60min. 8,800 JPY (TAX is included)
90 min. 13,200JPY
120 min. 16,500JPY
150 min. 19,800JPY

◆Deep body and Head Massage

Thai massage for body and head. This release your tension of shoulder, neck, eye and head.

60min. 6,000 JPY (TAX is included)
90min. 9,000 JPY
120min. 12,000 JPY

◆Oil Foot Massage

40min. 6,000 JPY (TAX is included)

*Payment is cash or creditcard.

Thai Massage 空 ~Koo Soi Teramachi~
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