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Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditonal massage is a full-body massage with using Shiatsu & Stretch. It can increase your flexibility and range of motion.

The massage can also relieve stress and improve overall health.

Master Therapist

Master Therapist is an instructor of Thai traditonal massage.

60min. 6,480 JPY
90min. 9,720 JPY
120min. 12,960 JPY


Therapists trained in Thailand and June Style Studio.

60min. 4,320 JPY
90min. 6,480 JPY
120min. 8,640 JPY

Abdominal DETOX Massage

An abdominal detox massage works through the energy of the internal organs.
It releases and clears blockages, toxins and negative emotions.

Are you happy??  
Your feeling & abdominal condition are closely connected each other.
Let's purify your abdominal !

60min. (massage) 8,100 JPY
90 min. (massage) 12,150JPY
120 min. (massage) 16,200JPY
180min. (massage & herb tent) 19,440 JPY

Deep Head Massage

60min. (massage) 4,320 JPY

Facial Massage

50min. (massage) 5,400 JPY

(TAX is included)

Thai Massage 空 ~Koo Soi Teramachi~
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